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Firewood Initiative


Fauquier Community Coalition has developed a wood ministry through coordinating the efforts of several churches in Fauquier County. Downed trees, cut into sections, are donated, and delivered to the spaces designated by the participating churches. Volunteers split the wood and deliver it to clients who have been recommended by the Department of Social Services or other community organizations.

Currently, almost 40 homes in Fauquier County are receiving regular firewood deliveries during the colder months. Volunteers support the wood ministry year-round, splitting and stacking wood during warmer months, and delivering in colder months. Over 630 volunteer hours have been recorded since July 2017.

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Firewood Ministry in Warrenton and Southern Fauquier County

We coordinate our firewood initiative in Warrenton and points south with Warrenton Baptist Church and St. James Episcopal Church, both in Warrenton.

Fauquier Community Coalition, Firewood Initiative, Volunteers Moving and Stacking Wood

Have wood to donate?
We have some requirements and conditions - please Contact Us!
Woodlot Donation Ground Rules

Want to help at the wood splitting sites (operating splitters, stacking, loading, etc.)?
Complete the "Volunteer" form at the bottom of the page.
In Warrenton, you can also simply show up at Warrenton Baptist Church’s wood lot between 9am – 11am on any Saturday year-round. Bring gloves! See the FAQ

Want to help deliver wood?
We have some requirements and conditions - please complete the "Volunteer" form at the bottom of the page.
To stay ahead of the need, we deliver wood every Saturday from late-September through mid-April. We prefer that our drivers be available with some consistency, so they can get to know the firewood clients through being their delivery person.

Need firewood and can’t afford it?
Please complete the "Request Assistance" form at the bottom of the page.

Firewood Ministry in Northern Fauquier County

The firewood ministry is coordinated with Grace Episcopal Church in Marshall, and Grace Bible Church in the Plains for folks who need firewood in the northern part of the county.

To donate wood, volunteer, or to request wood, please contact:
Grace Episcopal Church wood lot: Paul Smith at
Grace Bible Church wood lot: Hilbert Wilkinson at (540) 428-1769

Fauquier Community Coalition, Firewood Initiative, Three Boy Volunteers