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Our Story

Fauquier Community Coalition, SERVE Fauquier members

Fauquier Community Coalition is a non-profit organization made up of local churches and other non-profit groups which are dedicated to improving living conditions for the poor in Fauquier County, Virginia. The organization was started by Mr. Lynn Ward, a retired local educator with a passion for helping the poor. Over the years, Mr. Ward has tirelessly spoken with local church congregations, garnering their help in numerous home renovation projects. Our organization now has a 6+ year history of meeting the basic needs of Fauquier’s most vulnerable citizens through direct and collaborative assistance.

We meet immediate needs through low cost repair and renovation of existing homes, drawing on the expertise and experience of a volunteer base greater than forty members as well as established connections with sixteen local congregations and other nonprofits. We also have established relationships with local retailers who provide free or reduced-price appliances, furniture, flooring, building materials, other goods and expert services to our clients. Over the history of the organization, over 30 substandard homes in Fauquier County have been improved using donated materials and volunteer labor.

Fauquier Community Coalition, SERVE Fauquier donations
Fauquier Community Coalition, SERVE Fauquier members fixing a house

The current renovation projects of FCC include the renovation of 3 homes in the central, northern, and southern regions of Fauquier County. Some of these projects have been adopted by local churches whose members have formed teams dedicated to working in these homes. Additional homes have been referred and are being assessed for repair needs, the skills sets required for volunteers, and approximate costs. Once the assessments are complete, a local team will be asked to take on the renovation project.

In addition to the home renovation projects, Fauquier Community Coalition has also developed a wood ministry through coordinating the efforts of several churches in Fauquier County. Grace Bible Church in Marshall, Virginia, Grace Episcopal Church in The Plains, Virginia, St. James Episcopal Church and Warrenton Baptist Church, both in Warrenton, Virginia, participate in this ministry. Downed trees, cut into sections, are donated, and delivered to the spaces designated by the participating churches. Volunteers split the wood and deliver it to clients who have been recommended by the Department of Social Services or other community organizations. Currently, almost 40 homes in Fauquier County are receiving regular firewood deliveries during the colder months. Volunteers support the wood ministry year-round, splitting and stacking wood during warmer months, and delivering in colder months. Over 630 volunteer hours have been recorded since July 2017.

The FCC mission is funded by the direct contributions of members and friends of the organization as well as regular budgeted contributions from affiliated churches. FCC has no paid staff and all monies go directly to our client’s needs. The vulnerabilities in Fauquier housing are so great that amounts raised are quickly spent.