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Critical Home Repair Projects

When people can’t afford to have home repairs done and aren’t physically able to complete the repairs themselves, it is not unusual to find them living in substandard or even dangerous conditions. Fauquier Community Coalition will bring together volunteers and supporters from churches, businesses, and other organizations to complete critical home repair projects in these cases. Past projects have included leaking roofs, broken water pumps, holes in the exterior through which animals can enter the home, and more.

We usually become aware of a person in need of home repairs either through outreach from the Department of Social Services, from an existing firewood client, or from a concerned neighbor. Once we learn about a person in need, one of our project leaders (Lynn Ward or Earl Kemper) will visit the site to meet with the homeowner and to assess the potential project. We can only assist with work on homes where we have the permission of the homeowner.

If the decision is made to move forward with a project, a combination of raised funds, donated materials and / or services (often from local businesses), and other resources are allocated, and the project is then scheduled. Volunteers – especially those with construction-related skills – are organized and led by a project leader on site, and the project is completed safely.

Do you have construction-related skills (including trades like plumbing, HVAC, electrical)?
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Are you in need of critical repairs at your home, but can’t afford to have them done?
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